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WSEC-TV PBS Illinois Stories @ Neon Shop

Updated: May 27

WSEC-TV PBS "Illinois Stories" Host Mark McDonald visits Hillsboro Neon Shop
WSEC-TV PBS "Illinois Stories" Host Mark McDonald visits Hillsboro Neon Shop

While WSEC-TV PBS was in Hillsboro shooting some other segments for the Historical Society / Montgomery County Bicentennial they stopped by the neon shop and shot a half hour episode of "Illinois Stories" which premiered on TV July 8, 2021.

I took host Mark McDonald on a tour of the neon shop and we went though the steps to make a neon tube using Corning Ruby Red glass from the 1940's.

Ev'rglo Neon Signs was established in Hillsboro Illinois back in 1932.

Special thanks to host Mark McDonald and cameraman Randy Phillips for coming to Hillsboro.

WSEC PBS Illinois Stories was a popular television series produced by WSEC, a PBS member station serving west central Illinois. The program was created to highlight the unique people, places, and events of the region. It began airing in 1998 and has since become a staple of local broadcasting.

Hosted by Mark McDonald, the show travels across the region to explore the rich cultural and historical tapestry of Illinois. McDonald’s engaging storytelling and the program’s commitment to showcasing a wide variety of topics—from historical landmarks and local festivals to notable residents and unique businesses—have garnered a loyal viewership.

Over the years, WSEC PBS Illinois Stories has been celebrated for its educational value and its role in fostering community pride and awareness. Its episodes provide a window into the diverse and vibrant life of west central Illinois, making it an invaluable resource for both residents and those interested in the area’s heritage.

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