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Berghoff Beer Neon Sign Restoration

Updated: May 27

1887 Berghoff Beer Neon Sign

1887 Berghoff Beer Neon Sign
1887 Berghoff Beer Neon Sign

Berghoff was the first beer brewed and served in Chicago Illinois following the repeal of prohibition. This etched glass neon sign was manufactured by The Cincinnati Advertising Products Company - Cincinnati, Ohio around 1938.

Berghoff Beer Neon Sign Before Restoration
Berghoff Beer Neon Sign Before Restoration

The sign was in bad shape when it was brought into the shop. The sign suffered severe water damage sometime in the past. The white painted Berghoff logo you see was actually painted on the glass and over time flaked off onto the metal backing. I decided not to repaint the white.

Berghoff Neon Sign with new neon
Berghoff Neon Sign with new neon

Rust removed and just the area behind the glass was repainted matte black. New neon tube manufactured. The patina of the metal case looked great so it was lightly cleaned and left as is.

Berghoff Beer Neon Sign Fully Restored
Berghoff Beer Neon Sign Fully Restored

Etched glass panel cleaned and reinstalled. New neon power supply, new internal wiring, pull chain added to turn sign on & off and 8 foot grounded power cord.

1887 Berghoff Beer Neon Sign Restoration Complete
1887 Berghoff Beer Neon Sign Restoration Complete

The history of Berghoff Beer is a tale of resilience, innovation, and the enduring spirit of the American brewing tradition. Founded in 1887 by Herman Berghoff in Chicago, Illinois, Berghoff Beer quickly became a beloved staple of the city's brewing scene and a symbol of quality and craftsmanship.

Founding and Early Years

Herman Berghoff, a German immigrant, established the Berghoff Brewing Company with the vision of creating a brewery that would produce exceptional beer using traditional brewing methods. The brewery's flagship product, Berghoff Beer, was crafted with the finest ingredients and brewed according to the German purity laws, ensuring a pure and flavorful brew.

Berghoff Beer gained popularity among Chicagoans, who appreciated its smooth taste and consistent quality. The brewery's commitment to excellence earned it a loyal following and helped it weather the challenges of the early years, including Prohibition.

Prohibition and Adaptation

Like many breweries of the era, Berghoff Brewing Company faced significant obstacles during Prohibition, which lasted from 1920 to 1933. Unable to produce alcoholic beverages, the brewery pivoted to producing non-alcoholic products such as root beer and near beer to stay afloat.

Despite the hardships of Prohibition, Berghoff Beer remained a cherished brand in Chicago, with many eagerly anticipating its return to production once the ban was lifted. When Prohibition ended in 1933, Berghoff Brewing Company resumed brewing its signature beer, much to the delight of its loyal customers.

Expansion and Success

In the years following Prohibition, Berghoff Beer experienced a period of expansion and success, becoming one of the largest and most respected breweries in the Midwest. The brewery's commitment to quality and innovation helped it stand out in a crowded market, and Berghoff Beer became a household name throughout the region.

Berghoff Brewing Company continued to thrive throughout the mid-20th century, introducing new products and expanding its distribution network. The brewery's iconic logo, featuring the Berghoff family crest, became a symbol of trust and reliability among beer enthusiasts.

Legacy and Revival

While the original Berghoff Brewing Company ceased operations in the late 20th century, the legacy of Berghoff Beer lives on through the Berghoff Restaurant in Chicago, which continues to serve the iconic beer to patrons from around the world. In addition, the Berghoff family has partnered with craft brewers to revive the Berghoff Beer brand, ensuring that its rich heritage and tradition of excellence are preserved for future generations.

Today, Berghoff Beer remains a beloved symbol of Chicago's brewing history and a testament to the enduring legacy of Herman Berghoff's vision and dedication to producing exceptional beer. With its rich flavor and timeless appeal, Berghoff Beer continues to hold a special place in the hearts of beer enthusiasts everywhere.

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