Custom Neon Sign Colors
Custom Neon Sign Colors
Neon Briefcase
Neon Color Chart

We're in the process of updating the images on this page to provide more information on each available neon sign color that we offer.


Check out the wide range of neon sign colors we have available. We stock more than 40 colors that you can choose from.


Click on the image for each color to see a larger image and the name of the color.


Our neon briefcase is shown with sixty sample neon tubes that can individually be turned on and off. To see the neon colors in person stop by our shop. We're open to the public.

Orchids Lilac
Rose Pink
Neon Red
Orange Red
Special Color - Traffic Light Yellow
Sunflower Yellow
Lemon Yellow
Double Coated - Clear Gold
Double Coated - Sun Yellow
Double Coated - Yellow Green
Emerald Green
Teal Blue
Ice Blue
Argon Blue
Neon Blue
Mountain Blue
Imperial Purple
Standard - Lavender
Standard - Daylight White
Standard - Snow White
Standard - Warm White
Standard - Pink
Standard Neon Colors

Of all the colors clear neon red provides the best visibility day or night. Other colors in the standard series blue, turquoise, green, rose pink, peach pink and orange.

Double Coat Neon Colors

Double coat colors are generally used for borders and gentle curves. The colors tend to wash out on tight bends. Colors in this series are deeper than the standard and rare earth colors. Colors in this series: Coated Neon Red, Clear Gold, Sun Yellow, Yellow Green, Vine Green and Royal Blue.

Rare Earth Neon Colors

New generation of rare-earth phosphors give deeper more saturated colors and brighter longer lasting whites. Colors in this series: Hot Pink, Mint Green, Aquamarine, Rich Blue, Imperial Purple, Orchid, Snow White and Warm White.

Classic Neon Colors

Classic neon colors use colored glass from Italy to produce the deepest most intense colors. These colors cost more than any of the other colors. Colors in this series: Ruby Red, Noviol Gold, Emerald Green, Bromo Blue and Grape. These colors aren't shown on this page. If you are interested in using these colors on a neon sign please contact us for a quote.