Ev'rglo Neon Signs

Clear red neon is the easiest to read neon color. You don't need huge lettering to create an easy to read, highly visible neon sign. Two inch tall neon lettering is readable from more than 60 foot away. This is a real photo of our storefront with two and a half inch red neon letters and 15 millimeter Horizon Blue window border ourline.


Height of red neon letter Legibility distance
2 inches 65 foot
3 inches 100 foot
4 inches 150 foot
5 inches 175 foot
6 inches 200 foot
8 inches 350 foot
10 inches 450 foot
12 inches 525 foot
15 inches 630 foot
18 inches 750 foot
24 inches 1,000 foot
30 inches 1,250 foot
36 inches 1,500 foot


Note: The above information is only approximate for a person with average eyesight. The following variables change the above figures: current density, size of tubing, visibilty (rain, fog, smoke), type of background used for glass letters, and the presence of other lights in the vicinity of the sign.

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