Ev'rglo Neon Signs
Restoration of "The World Needs God" neon sign in Hilllsboro Illinois.The American Civil Liberties Union sued Montgomery County Illinois for displaying a neon sign with the words: "The World Needs God." The sign was placed on the courthouse the week of October 14, 1940 by Orrie Hancock a Sunday School teacher who thought it would drive bootleggers out of Hillsboro. In February 1996, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors decided to remove the sign from the courthouse because the county could...
Restored the old marquee neon sign for the Marvel Theater in Carlinville Illinois.This sign measured 9.5 foot high by 32 inches wide. When we received the sign it was in bad shape.The sign required cleaning, new glass housings, rewired, new neon power supply, new neon tubes. Based on the original wiring and power supply we think this sign was originally built in the late 1930's.Interior theatre photos provided by Eisentraut Theatres....
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