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Neon Beer Sign Repair

We repair hundreds of neon beer signs every year.  Broken tubes, bad neon power supply or just stopped working, we can troubleshoot and fix it.  Depending on our schedule turnaround time is typically one to two weeks. 


As of 3/24/2018 we have a 4 week backlog of repair work to do. You can still stop by the shop and drop off your broken neon. Please keep in mind it may take a few weeks longer than normal. 


We are located in central Illinois. Neon beer signs HAVE TO BE DROPPED OFF at our shop for repairs. Shipping a broken sign or tube to us is NOT an option. Please don't waste our time calling us asking if you can ship something to us. Neon beer signs are difficult to ship and usually sustain further damage during shipping. We don't want anything broken shipped to us.


When you bring your sign into the shop we'll test the sign for you at no charge and give you the exact price for the repairs and an estimate of how long it will take to fix.


Repairs start at $69.00. If you have several broken neon beer signs in need of repair we offer quantity discounts.

Neon Beer Sign Repairs

We don't buy or sell neon beer signs but we will repair any neon sign. Some of the major brands we repair:


Budweiser Neon Beer Sign

Busch Neon Beer Sign

Michelob Neon Beer Sign

Blue Moon Neon Beer Sign

Old Style Neon Beer Sign

Miller Neon Beer Sign

Coors Neon Beer Sign

Moose Head Neon Beer Sign

St. Paulie Girl Neon Beer Sign

Stag Neon Beer Sign

Bud Light Neon Beer Sign



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