Ev'rglo Neon Signs

"The Walldogs" is an internationally renowned organization of sign and mural artists. Every year The Walldogs organize a festival where hundreds of artists descend upon a village or small town to paint several dozen murals in one 3-5 day festival. The tradition of painting wall advertisements dates back long before today. Evidence of this can be seen as "Ghost Signs" throughout cities of all sizes. These mural painters of old were often called Walldogs.

Over the summer, we closed down the neon shop and I spent a week painting in Streator Illinois for their Sesquicentennial. Over the week of June 27 to July 1, 2018 two hundered sixty artists painted seventeen murals in downtown Streator.

I worked on the "Streator Illinois Glass Container Capital Of The World" mural. 

More information: The Walldogs

Streator Walldogs - Murals and Milestones - 2018

Streator Walldogs - Murals and Milestones - 2018

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