Ev'rglo Neon Signs
Restoration of "The World Needs God" neon sign in Hilllsboro Illinois.The American Civil Liberties Union sued Montgomery County Illinois for displaying a neon sign with the words: "The World Needs God." The sign was placed on the courthouse the week of October 14, 1940 by Orrie Hancock a Sunday School teacher who thought it would drive bootleggers out of Hillsboro. In February 1996, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors decided to remove the sign from the courthouse because the county could...
The red neon on the Orpheum Theatre in Hillsboro Illinois was removed in 1978 when the theatre was remodeled. At that time the neon was replaced with a piece of white plexiglas with red plastic "ORPHEUM" letters glued to it.Using this 1964 photo from the Historical Society of Montgomery County Illinois we were able to reproduce the original font for the replacement neon sign.Neon tube supports and glass housings installed on the stainless steel panel.Stainless steel panel installed. Ready for th...
Restoration of a 1994 Budweiser King of Beers Neon Sign. Measured 60 inches wide by 28 inches tall by 7 inches deep.When the sign was dropped off at the shop the sign was very dirty and both lettering tubes were broken and the eagle and circle tubes were missing.We cleaned the sign, created new patterns for the replacement neon tubes and replaced several broken neon tube supports.Replacement tubes were made for Budweiser in 12mm clear red neon.Replacement neon tubes were made for the eagle and c...
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