Ev'rglo Neon Signs
We've been making real glass neon signs here in Illinois since 1932. As of October 2018, we're in the process of adding new neon sign colors from the Netherlands. Unique colors that you won't find on any other web site. By January 2019 we'll be stocking more than 50 beautiful neon colors from sources in the United States, Italy and the Netherlands. New colors for October 2018: Lemon Yellow, Orange Red, Orchids Lilac and Emerald Green. View our color pallet here: Neon Sign Colors...
"The Walldogs" is an internationally renowned organization of sign and mural artists. Every year The Walldogs organize a festival where hundreds of artists descend upon a village or small town to paint several dozen murals in one 3-5 day festival. The tradition of painting wall advertisements dates back long before today. Evidence of this can be seen as "Ghost Signs" throughout cities of all sizes. These mural painters of old were often called Walldogs.Over the summer, we closed down the neon sh...
Clear red neon is the easiest to read neon color. You don't need huge lettering to create an easy to read, highly visible neon sign. Two inch tall neon lettering is readable from more than 60 foot away. This is a real photo of our storefront with two and a half inch red neon letters and 15 millimeter Horizon Blue window border ourline.  Height of red neon letter Legibility distance 2 inches 65 foot 3 inches 100 foot 4 inches 150 foot 5 inches 175 foot ...
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